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The Judgement Trap - How to Conquer Workplace Fear

You know that feeling when you’re doing just about anything other than working and you suddenly realize you’re thinking about work - again?!

If you get really honest, how many times does that worry trace right back to fear of what someone at work thinks about you or what?

That fear, those worries are stealing your time and your sense of calm.

The Judgment Trap

We've all been there – that moment in a meeting when you hesitate to speak up, wondering if your ideas measure up. 

Or you’re talking to someone or presenting an idea and there’s a second track playing in your head rolling over all the ways that person thinks you have no idea what you’re talking about or how “stupid” you sound. 

It’s like there’s an imaginary jury in your head…most of the time? Maybe all of the time??

It’s time to dismiss the  jury.

Here's the real deal: Everyone is too busy worrying about their own stuff- ahem probably stressing about what others think of them - to be overanalyzing everything you do. That’s your job. Just kidding, sort of. 😆

It’s time to shift perspective. 

Your best work happens when you're authentically you. Embrace and appreciate your strengths and quirks. That's where the magic happens.

Next time those self-critical thoughts sneak in, ask yourself, notice what you’re thinking. 

If it sounds something like…

  • She thinks I’m an idiot.

  • I’m going to screw this up.

  • They’ll think I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. 

Try shifting to something that feels a little bit kinder to yourself like…

I’m learning or

How human of me…

To be worried or

To fear judgment or 

To want people to like me  

Kindness to yourself will help slow those negative thoughts and allow you to be more of your authentic self. 

Instead of seeking constant approval, focus on building genuine connections with your colleagues. Authenticity is magnetic and, let's face it, way more fun.

I invite you to play with this. Bring your authentic self to work. Share the idea, wear the unique accessory – just be unapologetically you.

And when doubt or fear creep in, find some kindness and remind yourself of things you’ve handled well in the past. 

You've got this.

Ready to embrace authenticity?


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