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Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself with Neha Sampat

Have you ever felt this way?

As the child of South Asian immigrants in a nearly all white Chicago suburb, Neha Sampat often felt excluded & like many other immigrant families did whatever was necessary to assimilate.

She cared so much about what other people thought, she lost track of her own opinions.

What would happen if you stopped listening to others and started listening to you?

I know you don’t want to piss people off, it’s scary as hell!

In this episode of Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself you’ll see…

  • Why NOT listening to feedback is a good thing-whether it’s a naysayer or well-intentioned

  • How upsetting people can actually be beneficial-even if it’s the thing you try the hardest to avoid!

  • How the thing you might be judged for is exactly what you need to say-whether you can believe that right now or not.

Neha was able to find her way back to her voice & now sees it as her responsibility to speak up.

This interview is a great listen if you’re ready to:

Stop worrying so much about what other people think.

Discover which shoulds are actually good for you.

Trust yourself.

To connect with Neha you can find her on:

Facebook @belonglab

Instagram @belonglab

If you want a space where you can share without judgment while going through those shifts AND get feedback & tools to help you move forward - NOT just vent - you have to come check out The GC.

Interested in learning more on how you can connect?


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