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Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself with Gangorti Garg

In my narrative and culture when you’re young you belong to your father, then you belong to your husband, and after that you belong to your son.

This probably isn’t your experience.

But, we’ve ALL internalized beliefs from our culture, parents, siblings, peers etc. You can’t be human and avoid the expectations that are put on us.

When Gangotri Garg realized that the goals-everything she’d worked for- in her life were shoulds, it was suffocating. She felt like the walls were closing in with nowhere to go. And when the walls actually came down she was shocked at what she discovered.

If you’ve ever responded to something because you thought you should (and really who hasn’t?!) you want to listen to this episode of Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself.

You’ll see how Gangotri awakened to some tough stuff and learned…

  • Someone can take advantage of you in a really big way that you don’t recognize because of your beliefs.

  • That following the shoulds without question can take away your sense of self and leave you vulnerable.

  • You can feel betrayed by your culture and still reclaim and own that part of you.

This is a great interview to check out if…

Something is tugging at your attention, but you keep pushing it aside.

You live in your head and feel disconnected from your body.

You could never imagine that something as simple as intentionally choosing the flavor of ice cream that you want can lead to big changes.

To connect with Gangotri you can find her on:

Facebook: @GangotriGG

If you want a space where you can share without judgment while going through those shifts AND get feedback & tools to help you move forward - NOT just vent - you have to come check out The GC.

Interested in learning more on how you can connect?


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