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Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself with Dr. Jerrica Dodd

Meet Dr Jerrica Dodd.

Dr. Dodd is a pharmacist, an entrepreneur, a coach, and a leader. She's been a pharmacist for 24 years. She is the founder and CEO of Your Pharmacy Advocate LLC with a mission of providing pharmacists advocate care for patients seeking better health results.

She has spoken on stages all over the country and is a coach to women in pharmacy to build businesses. Dr. Dodd is also the proud Executive Editor of PharmaSis Magazine: Celebrating Women in Pharmacy.

As Dr. Dodd phrased it, before she was living her truth, she was the "valedictorian of Should University." Her personality was to be respectful of authority, and as a pharmacist, she was very risk averse - fitting nice and neat into whatever box society approved of.

That changed when she hit a wall and was confronted with severe burnout.

She had to make the choice of leaving her job - regardless of what others had to say and make her life work for HER, not for what others expected her to do.

Tune in above to hear hear Dr. Jerrica Dodd's story.

To connect with Dr. Jerrica you can find her on:

If you want a space where you can share without judgment while going through those shifts AND get feedback & tools to help you move forward - NOT just vent - you have to come check out The GC.

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