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Sick of All the Input?

"I'm sick of all the emails and social media posts telling us what to do and how to feel"

That was the consensus from a virtual call with friends last night.

They're tired not only of the random companies reaching out to share their COVID-19 response, but also the gurus they've been following for years.

The sense from the group was that we are full. We are on information overload, it's time to just be.

I wonder if that's true for you too?

It's ok to feel however you feel. 

If you're scared, fed up, tired, frustrated, anxious, angry, short-tempered, feeling guilty, optimistic, empowered or all of the above at various's ok.

We are human with a wide range of emotions and there is no playbook for the "right" emotional response to a pandemic.

I want to be conscious of not adding to the sense of overload. So, instead I simply offer the idea of giving ourselves some grace.

How much better would the world be if we all treated ourselves with a little more patience and kindness?


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