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Shift Negative Thoughts - and Feel Different. Better.

You were snippy, sarcastic, & kind of rude toward your sister when she shared-again-how your boyfriend should be interacting with the family.

You threatened -loudly- to chuck the whole pile of crap out the nearest window when your teenager dumped her jacket, backpack, & shoes in a heap in the entryway.

You lost your cool when your boss didn’t respond to the plans you emailed & then rearranged the entire agenda without consulting you.

And thought about it all. night. long.

This ISN’T how you want behave-like a rude, crabby oaf.

You’re reacting to the situation & I’d bet $100 you’d way rather respond calmly.

So you beat yourself up for awhile, promise yourself (& maybe others) that it won’t happen again &…

Then the dog barfs on the rug & you find yourself screaming at the kids to get their damn backpacks because you’re going to be late again.

You’re so sick & tired of yourself.

Sound familiar?

What we think-what we tell ourselves-directly impacts how we’re feeling.

What negative thoughts are you playing on repeat in your head?

Maybe something like…

Once again my sis thinks I’m incapable of choosing the right partner.

My kiddo is a slob because I was a terrible example. I can’t keep things organized & now neither can she!

My boss doesn’t respect me.

Who is she sharing plans with because it’s not me!

Am I going to get fired?

And the spiral continues.

It IS possible to shift negative thoughts - and feel different. Better.

Managing your thoughts is a skill that most people aren’t taught.

Hell most people don’t even know it’s an option.

But, it is.

The women inside my coaching group The GC are actively working on managing negative thoughts so they can…

Recognize spiraling thoughts & shift gears before wasting another sleepless night ruminating.

Stop telling themselves painful stories

And let’s be honest, people will still be annoying, but they’re handling it much better with what they’re learning.

You can too.

The steps are simple.

I'm not suggesting that change is easy, but with the right tools & support you WILL surprise yourself with what’s possible.

Enrollment for the GC opens at the end of the month.

Imagine what could happen when you have a coach & an entire group of women pulling for you-cheering for your success & supporting you every step of the way.


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