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Self Blame: Why Forgiveness Is So Important

Catching up with an old friend was so fun, it was like no time had passed.

We both have two daughters & were talking about how different they are from their siblings. She shared with me concerns that maybe her younger one was quieter than her sister because they’d grown up in two different environments with different support systems.

Was it her fault for moving their family away from a close knit group of families & friends the older daughter had as a child?

This was a question she’d clearly wrestled with.

I genuinely felt her pain because of the million questions - just like hers - that I’ve asked myself.

We take on so much guilt & 99% of the time it’s for things that are beyond our control.

Were they picky eaters because of something I’d done - which BTW carried a ridiculous amount of shame for me. 🙄

Was me being OVERprotective going to make it hard for them to trust people or hamper their happiness?

Did I squash their sense of curiosity by orchestrating playdates & not letting them free roam in the neighborhood like when I was a kid?

NO. Maybe. Who knows?!

What I do know is that most of us are doing our best with what we have at the time.

Is it perfect? HA! That’s a trap. What is perfect? There is NO perfect.

It’s just you trying.

So, can we just let that shit go?

You did your best. You’re doing your best. That goes for mamas and non-mamas alike.

Where do you need to put the worry down & just forgive yourself?

Forgiveness is the theme for April inside The GC.

We’re approaching it from the perspective of what needs to be put down or let go so that you can be freer, happier, or just feel better.

Let me be clear, forgiveness isn’t condoning. There is a BIG difference.

What is weighing you down?

What do you need to let go?

Come find out.


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