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Reframe Your Thinking - How Your Critical Thoughts Are Holding You Back

I used to have a belief that I sucked at numbers.

Math was not my friend.

I would shut down in money or tax discussions. Hell it even happened when I was helping my kid with homework! My inner critic was yelling through a megaphone about how stupid I was. It’s really hard to stay engaged when that’s happening. 🙄

When I had these critical thoughts I wasn’t open to learning or listening. So, I wasn’t giving myself the chance to improve my knowledge. The result was that I stayed stuck in the place of not knowing and feeling dumb. Staying in that thinking only served to reinforce the original belief that I sucked at numbers - because I wasn’t allowing myself to change my approach or grow.

My client Justine has the same reaction when she feels like she’s not being heard or included. If she’s with family or friends and feels like she’s on the outside of the conversation or her opinion isn’t being considered, she withdraws.

Her brain is telling her all kinds of mean things about how she doesn’t matter or belong and no one listens to her. Those thoughts lead her to pull back from the interaction leaving her on the outside of the conversation, not engaging the people around her or stating her opinion.

So, what do the other people do? They tend to stop engaging with her, proving to her critical brain that it was right all along. She doesn’t belong there & her opinion doesn’t matter.

See how that works?

What Justine & I both need is to shift those critical thoughts.

There’s a domino effect when we practice a new thought.

When I thought I was stupid I would shut down. When Justine thought she was on the outside she withdrew.

The result of those actions was to stay stuck and feeling lousy.

When I chose to believe that I can learn I felt entirely different -hopeful, lighter, and ready for change.

When Justine decided to stay in the conversations and engage people she found that they responded in kind and she actually enjoyed the experience.

We need to be aware of how our brains operate. They’re wired to look for danger & live in fear.

Once you know how it operates, you can start to reframe the thoughts. Because how you think leads to how you feel & how you feel inspires you into action or NOT.

Where do you feel out of sorts, stupid, on the outside, less than, frustrated or something similar?

Come have a chat with me.

It can be tricky to find the thoughts on your own. Let me help you uncover the places where you may need to reframe how you’re thinking so you can start taking the action you want.

I promise you’ll walk away with insights you didn’t have before the call.

I’d love to help you see some of the sneaky ways your thoughts are holding you back.

Also, all this month inside The GC we’re exploring what YOU need. Tomorrow night we have guest speaker Kimberly Layne who is going to share “Feeling Your Way into Reality: How to Use the Power of Manifestation to Make Your Dreams Come True.”

It’s not too late to join The GC and take advantage of this bonus session. Go here for information and to register.


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