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Control the Frenzy - Why Rushing Does You No Favors

Podcasts hosted by comedians are my jam these days.

They’re a respite from the news.

I heard Conan O’Brien talking about his 90 year old father the other day. Conan’s dad said that at his age he’d come to realize that there is really no reason to rush.

That struck me.

Stop and think about it, in most circumstances there really isn’t a reason to rush.

And yet we do it all the time.

You hit snooze over and over and find yourself rushing to get ready.

The morning routine’s never quite hit its stride and you’re frantically trying to get the kids to school on time.

The project you’ve procrastinated on now has a deadline zooming at you.

OR your mind is so busy with all the things that it’s churning or replaying that it just feels like you need to rush.

I know this isn’t how you want to operate.

Ask yourself how well you lead, perform, parent, communicate or navigate your way through life when you’re rushing in your mind?

Does the mind drama about being late or running out of time help you or does it make you feel even more frantic?!

Thoughts create feelings.

So all of that chatter in your mind -berating yourself for not getting up earlier or getting the kids out of the house or the never ending to-do list or or or…it’s NOT helping!

Maybe we should all borrow a little wisdom from Conan’s dad well before our 90s.

There’s really no reason to rush.

If you’re behind schedule rushing won’t get you there faster, it’ll get you there frenzied.

If you’re in the shower & your mind's rushing, you’re not actually DOING anything except winding yourself up.

So, I invite you to notice when you’re rushing and stop.

Take a breath or two and let yourself explore the possibility that whatever you’re doing will be so much better if you just let go of the rush.

Give it a try & let me know what you discover. I’ve been practicing for a while now & believe me, my family notices the difference. 😉

Not sure how to start?

It can be tricky to find the thoughts on your own. Let me help you uncover the places where you may need to reframe how you’re thinking so you can start taking the action you want.


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