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My Minor Meltdown

People who know me well, know that meal planning and cooking is not my thing.

At the point in the COVID outbreak before the shelter-in-place order but about the time we were starting to feel slightly uneasy about going out in public my family spontaneously included my elderly mom and daughter’s boyfriend in dinner one night without planning, prep or much food in the house. 

How do you think I showed up for that dinner? Did I allow myself to go with the flow and enjoy the company? Hell no! I was grumpy and my inner critic was fixated on how I’d messed up the dishes I'd made. 

I’m not at my best when my thoughts are stuck in have to, should, and burden. 

The next morning I decided this isn’t how I want to operate. 

I asked my family for help. The food choices, cooking, and clean up could not be solely on me, especially now that we are all home. They stepped up...they like me better when I’m not a raving lunatic!

It’s not perfect, but for the most part two of us cook and two of us clean up. It’s so much better.

Where are your thoughts or inner critic getting in the way?

Where do you need to ask for help?

It’s not a sign of weakness and your family or friends may really appreciate the version of you that asks for and accepts help. Trust me, mine do!


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