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Losing Self Trust - And How People Pleasing May Be the Cause

I don’t keep junk food in the house. I can’t trust myself to have cookies or chips around.

I signed up for that course, but life got in the way & I never finished it.

I really want to go to pilates, but something always comes up.

How many times do you say something like this to yourself?

I’d bet $100 that when someone is counting on you to show up or finish something you DO it.

How would your friends or colleagues describe you? Dependable? Reliable? Trustworthy?

And yet the promises you make to yourself drop as soon as “life takes over”, right?

How many times have you bailed on the gym because one of your kids called on your way home from work with a project they’d forgotten about?

Or your plan to leave the office on time today went out the window because your colleague dropped by your office to chat just as you were starting to wrap up the day.

Or that blissfully free Sunday afternoon got eaten up helping your sister clean out her garage.

This is why your friends trust you, but you don’t.

Other people’s priorities & needs take precedence over yours.

I get it.

You’re conscientious, your kind, & you don’t want to upset anyone.

So you put your plans aside & accommodate.

But, what if you had a friend who was always canceling at the last minute. How would you feel about them?

THAT’s how you feel about you when you don’t keep your commitments to yourself.

So many women in my community want to trust themselves.

But, they don’t see that the constant bailing on themselves is just like a friend who's a flake. You stop trusting them.

Deciding that you're worth keeping the promises to yourself is possible.

AND it’s likely to stir up old beliefs & feelings about how you don’t matter as much as other people.

OR how it’s better (read into that easier) to let yourself down than someone else.

That’s where coaching comes in.

You have support & accountability while we tackle the BS beliefs AND create a plan to build trust with yourself.

Curious what coaching could do for you? Let’s chat.

Let’s just see where you’re at & if my coaching is the right fit to help you rebuild trust with yourself.

I know what it's like not to trust yourself. I worked on it for myself & with my clients. I can help you too.

Let's DO this. 🙌


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