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It's just easier to do it myself!

Does anyone else get really effing irritated when you ask the kid to empty the dishwasher and they don’t do it right then? Or for the next two hours?

Or you ask a colleague for help on a project and they just don’t get your vision or don’t keep track of items the way you would?

The option at that point is to nag, feel resentful or just do it myself. Right?!

OR we could let go of how and when we think it should be done. 

I’m guilty of asking for help and expecting it to be done right then, particularly at home. 

What if your way isn’t the only way? There is room for educating and setting expectations, but there is also room for things to be done another way.

So often we are heads down in getting our sh*t done that we can’t see there are other ideas, approaches, and priorities.

As we are in this time of shelter-in-place and climbing all over each other we need to give each other grace more often.

My kids are usually in the middle of something when I ask for help. They don’t want to stop what they are doing to satisfy my need for them to do laundry.

I don’t want to feel naggy or resentful. I also don’t want to unload on a colleague who may have a way better approach than I have, just because I’m stuck in my way of thinking.

So, I am asking of myself and I invite you to join me in asking for help and then allowing it to happen.

If the dishes are put away in a not so orderly fashion, they are still put away.

If my colleague has a different approach, it doesn’t mean it’s inefficient. 

If my husband chopped the onion instead of slicing it, it was still cut and I didn’t have to do it. 

And if my kids don’t do what I asked, I can remind them without becoming a lunatic or doing it myself out of frustration.

Who is with me?


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