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Imagine What Would Change for You if You Didn’t Let Fear Hold You Back

You hear me say all the time that it’s your thoughts that are making you feel lousy. Not what your husband said. Not what your boss did. It’s what you’re telling yourself about those things that cause you to feel a certain way. So, when I shared last week that I DECIDED ON PURPOSE to stop telling myself that I was a pain in the ass for asking for what I wanted, some of you wanted to know what thoughts I used instead. Great question!!!!!!!!! As I waited in a coffee shop to have my drink remade because it wasn’t how I ordered it, I was thinking that I was inconveniencing the barista. I worried that she thought I was a giant pain in the ass because I complained that my tea was too milky.

I imagined her thinking, “what’s the big deal?!” I was actually kind of embarrassed as I stood there waiting. But, as I walked out with my tea exactly how I like it, I thought… I’m not doing this again. I’m not going to beat myself up for asking for what I want. I paid for this, I deserve to get it the way I want it. It’s the barista’s job to make drinks, I wasn’t inconveniencing her. It’s none of my business what she thinks of me. I’ll never see that woman again, why do I want to spend any more time worrying about what a perfect stranger thinks of me?! Then I took a sip of my perfect cup of tea & appreciated how good it was. I was grateful NOT to be drinking yet another cup that wasn’t how I like it. In fact, if I’d chickened out on asking to have it remade it I would’ve been resentful with basically every sip. So I sunk into the enjoyment & let go of the worry, fear, & embarrassment. It was that simple-because I’ve been practicing. You can do it too. And when you practice on the small stuff it makes the conversations around bigger issues that much easier. I promise it’s possible. Techniques like this are some of what I teach inside The GC. Learn the tools to start creating more of what you want in your life AND have the support & feedback of the women in the circle as you grow that muscle. PLUS I’ll be there to coach you around the thoughts that are really keeping you stuck. Imagine what could change for you if you didn’t let fear hold you back. What could that do for your relationships if you showed up being really honest about what you need rather than hoping the other person could just figure it out? Or where could your career go if you spent less time worrying about what people think & going after the promotion or new job that would LIGHT YOU UP???? It’s life changing. I get the privilege of watching it happen for my clients everyday. Come see what could shift for you inside The GC. Go here for info or to register. xo, Jen


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