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I’m Done Adulting - Why You Should Prioritize Joy for Inner Child Healing

Have you spent time really watching a little kid experience something?

They’re fascinated by just about everything.

They approach the world with wonder & awe.

Think about it, to them peek-a-boo is exciting! 😀

But as adults…we’re often bogged down with the details of whatever’s going on or our mind is somewhere else - deadlines, projects, who’s picking up the kids, did I pay the electric bill, and on and on and on!

When was the last time you just let yourself experience joy???

Last week I told you about a vivid memory of being an excited kid & how I was taking that energy to Disneyland with me.

It’s the happiest place on Earth so everyone gets to be a kid, right?

Welllllll… I saw plenty of moms dealing with toddler meltdowns. I’ve been that mom. It’s NOT fun.

I’ve also been the mom whose kids were having a great time, but she wasn’t.

All because rather than being there enjoying she was fixated on navigating the crowd, making sure everyone in her group was happy, ruminating on interaction with her boss, wondering what that text from her friend really meant or getting lost in judgment about herself & everyone around her.

You don’t have to be a mom or in Disneyland to get this.

So this time I decided to just let myself have FUN.

When I walked through the gates I let it all seep in & tried to look at it like a little kid.

The colors, the smells (mmmmm…waffle cones) and the sound of music & people laughing.

On the rides I stopped trying to figure out how they do everything & just enjoyed the experience of being entertained.

And I did my best to suspend internal criticisms of myself and the slow walkers around me. 😉

Was it perfect? Nope.

Even toddlers have meltdowns.

But, it was so much fun.

Making time to let go of worry, criticism, fear, shame, guilt or whatever takes up your precious mind is such a relief.

It’s in that space where real connection & joy live. And believe it or not that space allows for creativity and great ideas to emerge.

Stress and rumination squash those.

So, what if you dedicate some time to suspend the adulting - even just for a little while - and enjoy yourself like a kid???

What could that do for your enjoyment and your sanity?

Shout it out.

What you’re going to do with your “kid” time?

You don’t need to do anything extravagant, I just happened to be going to Disney.

Go put your feet in the grass, watch a caterpillar crawl by, roll down a hill, or do a cartwheel - it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you suspend the fear, criticisms or busyness in your mind to be present and ENJOY!


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