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I Know Where I Stand

If a friend doesn’t respond to a text, what does that make you think?

You might think she was busy & forgot to respond. No big deal.

BUT, if you’d recently had a touchy or awkward conversation what would your thoughts be like?

My client Mindy declined a Thanksgiving invitation because of COVID concerns.

She texted her friend who was hosting & hadn’t heard back. Her conclusion was “I know where I stand”.

Would you have had a similar thought? Put yourself in Mindy’s shoes.

She made an assumption based on the circumstances-which is totally normal.

And it made her feel lousy.

Could her friend be upset? Sure. But, couldn’t it be just as possible that the friend was busy prepping for Thanksgiving & forgot to respond? Hell yes!

What you tell yourself-what you are thinking- impacts how you feel.

Doesn’t it sound more peaceful to decide not to make it mean anything until you know differently?

Here's to assumption free holidays!


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