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I Don't Cry EVERYDAY Anymore

I was chatting with a friend about how she’s managing the pandemic with two elementary school kids, a newborn, & a puppy. Her response…

I don’t cry everyday anymore.


So, how did she get past the daily tears?

After months of jumping back & forth between two kids in two different Zoom classrooms trying to keep them focused…

All while sleep deprived & juggling a feeding schedule with a newborn & trying to save her rug from the puppy that wasn’t potty trained…

AND her husband asking her to keep everyone quiet while he was on calls...

She’d had ENOUGH!

She dropped the expectation that she could DO IT ALL.

Maybe these aren’t your circumstances, but are you trying to do more than is humanly possible?

Or beating yourself up for NOT doing more?

Maybe you normally call your mom or your BFF everyday, but these days you’re exhausted & that obligation is making you feel pissy. You can’t stop because she’s expecting your call!!

Except that you can. If calling less means you show up & want to connect rather than have to, that is a win-win!

Maybe you’re killing yourself to have family dinners when once in a while you’d like to just eat in front of the TV...but that makes you feel like a lousy mom.

Who says that makes a lousy mom?! Sure good interactions can happen at the dinner table…

AND families can bond over a meal & a comedy too. To expect yourself to do it exactly as the experts recommend all the time is crazy making. Especially now.

Or maybe you snapped at your kiddo today because you’re so sick of making food & picking up after everyone again day after gah-damn day!

Just because you’ve always done it & your family expects that you’ll handle the cooking & mess doesn’t mean it can’t change.

What expectations are adding weight to your shoulders?

Maybe you don’t cry everyday anymore, but things could be better.

In an hour things could be better .

And that’s why I’ve created “Relief RIGHT NOW” sessions. They’re a one time session with zero obligation to continue- it's one hour just focused on you to make things a little bit better right now.

Go here to schedule & get yourself some relief right now.


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