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How To Overcome All or Nothing Thinking And Finding Your Middle Ground

Diane is knee deep in juggling going back to school & a new job.

Being stuck at home in the “same apartment beige walls” during the pandemic is NOT helping either.

The job isn’t the fast paced growth opportunity she’d been sold AND there are two sparring departments who’ve put her in the middle; each expects her to listen to their complaining, gossip, & take their side. No surprise this isn’t going well, right? 🤦‍♀️

But, just because people at work expect her to be on their side doesn’t mean she has to be on anyone’s side-except her own!

As we unpacked this in her private coaching session it was clear that being in the middle was leaving her feeling anxious & NOT wanting to be at work.

So now she has to quit her job so she can stop feeling so anxious.



Is it possible to make this situation better without quitting her job?

Hell yes it’s possible!!

Diane is anxious because she feels like she has to listen to the gossip & get involved. She doesn’t.

She could tell each of the camps that she doesn’t want to be in the middle & ask them to stop bringing the gossip to her. Or she could excuse herself when the conversation goes south.

Just because they expect her to participate doesn’t mean she has to. And once she stops telling herself that she has to she won’t be pulled into all the negativity. She can speak up or walk away.

But, until she’s willing to do that, she can quit 20 jobs & keep ending up in the same situation.

Just because someone has an idea of how they want you to be DOESN’T mean you have to go along with it. Where are you doing what you think you have to?

Maybe it’s some demand that your mom or your partner has for you?

Or you’re making yourself crazy doing all the school related Zoom meetings & extra curricular with your kids Maybe you’re the go to person & your boss expects you to be available at the drop of a hat.

How does your situation make you feel?

Hit reply & let me know-I’d love to hear.

xo Jen

P.S. Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, & stressed is exhausting. There has been A LOT of that in the past year. We could all use some relief from that right about now. You don’t know how to get that, but I can help.

In one hour you can put down the stress & walk away with tools AND A PLAN that helps you stay centered & out of overwhelm.

The Relief RIGHT NOW session is where you get to share all that you are juggling in a space where no one is judging you & you’ll get tools to help you right now.

It's NOT a bitch session with a girlfriend where you’re comparing how shitty things are & ramping up each others frustration. This is where you come to get relief AND there is a follow up call two weeks after to check in & tweak your plan if you need it.

All of this for only $125. It’s one hour together, tools, a plan, AND a follow up session, REAL relief, & zero commitment to do anything further together.

P.S.S. If this seems like too much to spend, think about the ways that you’ve tried to get relief in the past…

A massage for $250 or more?

A “vacation” to Target in the middle of the day to get out of the house? No one gets out of Target for less than $100-125!


While each of these can be suuuuuuper many of them had long term, lasting effects on your happiness?

A Relief RIGHT NOW session leaves you with tools & a plan to feel better that you can use to keep yourself on track or refer back to when you’re off. PLUS a check in 2 weeks later to tweak the plan as necessary. It’s a steal!


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