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How to Foster the Most Important Relationship You Have

I’m giddy over a table I bought for my office.

You might be thinking…BFD Jen, it’s a table. 🤨

I get it, but, it’s what this table represents.

You’ve heard me say a million times that thoughts create feelings which lead you to take action (or not) and create results.

2023 is a year of uplevel for me, my friends.

I wanted a table where I could spread out all the papers with ideas and create…

Somewhere to put on my CEO hat and build more of what I want in my life & business.

AND it needed to be a space that I wanted to sit at…

That felt pretty, stylish, and inviting because I’m inspired by my surroundings.

This is so much more than buying a table, it’s making space for the next version of me to emerge.

It’s doing something FOR me because everyday I BELIEVE in me just a little bit more.

I’m telling myself I’m worth cleaning up, organizing, and improving my workspace.

It’s thinking about what future me wants her space to look and feel like and DOING just that.

Today I met with my new PR consultant at this table.

Things are changing.

I’m changing.

The relationship I have with myself is changing.

And it’s all because of what I’m thinking, feeling, and DOING for myself.

What’s one thing you could change in your environment that’s geared toward how your future self wants to live? And to be clear it does NOT have to cost money.

What can you clean up, rearrange, repurpose, or get rid of?

This month in honor of Valentine’s Day we’re looking at your most important relationship - the one you have with YOU.

So, what’s one thing you can do for you that tells you that YOU matter???!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to us.


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