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How to Confront Guilt When You Aren’t Doing the Things You “Should”

You’re at the beach on vacation, on paid time OFF & thinking about what you could be getting done…

Maybe you’re telling yourself you should listen to the course you bought on Masterclass & never quite finished (or started! 😬) or finally read Atomic Habits or some other equally useful book that you can never quite make yourself crack open.

Do you know this feeling???

A guest for my Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself series shared a similar story with me today. We were talking about how the “shoulds” never fully go away. In other words, your very human brain keeps presenting ideas that have “you must” or “obligation” energy behind them.

What can change is how you respond to those ideas once you realize that you don’t actually have to do any of them.

The push to be productive on the beach is an old (& unhelpful) belief perpetuated by a culture that abhors “lazy” (ahem, rest) & celebrates hustle. It’s also the same culture with massive burn out rates. See a connection?

Where does this show up for you?

Is it hard to relax?

Do you have to get stuff done before you can take a nap or read a book?

And when you finally do take a minute, does your brain keep going back to what you should be doing???


It’s exhausting-especially when what you most likely need is some downtime.

These are old beliefs in action. But, until you can really see them, it’s hard to change. And sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

If you’ve ever been secretly happy that you’re not feeling well because you get to spend the day watching Netflix without feeling guilty, you can bet you’ve been shoulding on yourself.

Or maybe a plan fell through for the day & you were relieved…yep, shoulding.

If you know this ^^ let’s talk. Let me help you uncover some of the sneaky ways your shoulding is showing up.

There’s no fee and no obligation. Plus you’ll walk away with insights you didn’t have before the call. Go here.


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