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How to Advocate for Yourself - Even if You Hate Conflict

Your mom’s opinion matters to you.

So does your best friend’s.

But, what happens when they don’t agree with you?

Do you second guess yourself?

How many times have you reconsidered what you’re doing because you’re really uncomfortable when they’re not on board?

If you’ve thought about their input & gone a different direction because their advice was good, then high five. I’m a proponent of being open minded.

BUT-if you changed your mind, actions, or plans because you can’t stand having someone upset or disagree with you then we need to talk.

Ask yourself, what is more important-appeasing their discomfort or doing what is right for you?

Over & over you’ll choose appeasing their discomfort because it makes YOU uncomfortable to have someone upset or disagree with you.

Does the thought of conflict or confrontation make you queasy?

I hear you AND I’m advocating for you to go with your gut anyway.

Because when you don’t, you’re letting yourself down. The life you want & the way you want to feel gets further & further away every time you abandon yourself.

Replaying what they said, overthinking, & trying to find the “right” solution and avoid further issues is exhausting.

That’s your way of protecting yourself from judgement, insults, or hurt. It doesn’t work. If it did, you’d never be upset with someone else or get your feelings hurt.

It’s time to put the armor down, start thinking about what you want, & to learn to trust yourself again. For lots of women, that's daunting.

How do you DO that?

What does that even look like?

What if people are upset?

I know these fears well. I’ve worked through them for myself & with my clients.

That’s why I’ve created The Soul Spa Getaway.

It’s a space to let go of what anyone else thinks is right for you & start exploring what YOU think is right for you.

To put down all the weight of other people’s opinions, expectations, & the responsibilities that you’ve been shouldering & focus on YOU.

AND you get to do this in a group of genuinely supportive women who want the same thing for themselves. Plus I’ll be there to coach you through any fears & help you examine what’s keeping you stuck.

Imagine putting down all the added worries & fears of the past 18+ months & just focus on YOU.

Plus, I’ll show you how to do that without feeling guilty.

You’ll walk away from the getaway with tools that will help you maintain more balance in your life, create more self-trust, know when to say no, & be able to watch storms happening all around you & STILL be kind to yourself.

If you’d like to talk to me about the getaway go here to set up a quick chat.

I’d love to see you at the getaway.



P.S. Did I mention that you get to have all of this with your toes in the sand? The getaway takes place in gorgeous San Diego, CA-right on the water.

When I say you get to put it all down, you get to put it all down and breathe in the fresh salt air.

And watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

And walk on the beach.

It’s going to be amazing.


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