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How Fun Is Medicine - And Why We All Need More of It

Way back a million years ago in 1976 it snowed in my hometown. It hasn’t done that since, so you know it was a BIG deal when it happened.

I remember being so damn excited when school let out & it was STILL snowing.

I couldn’t wait to walk home in it. I was imagining catching snowflakes on my tongue the whole way. Back then I didn’t care if the walk home took 15 minutes or 2 hours, it was all about fun -until some well meaning adult insisted on driving me home. 🙄

I still remember the anticipation of the walk & imagining how fun it was going to be only to have someone decide they knew better. And let’s face it, at 6 years old I couldn’t really argue for what I wanted to have happen.

This story feels like a metaphor for what happens to us as we grow up. As kids we’re full of wonder, joy, & curiosity.

And then life happens.

In an attempt to avoid hurt, fear, judgment, ridicule, failure, danger or a million other things we build up walls that eventually encase those little versions of us until we forget what it’s like to be them.

She’s still in there, that little girl who was waiting with anticipation to skip home in the snow. If I could talk to her today she’d probably have a LOT to say about how I spend my time now. I’m sure she’d say I spend too much time working & worrying.

The fun to “adulting” ratio is way off!

This is true for the majority of my clients too. They’re not having enough fun. And funny enough (pun intended) I was in a group meditation where we met our younger selves today and the message most people received was that they need to have more fun.

So why does it matter?

Besides the immediate benefit of enjoying the moment, why is it important long term to intentionally create more fun in your life? Because burn out, resentment, and frustration live at the other end of the spectrum.

AND spending time in the part of your brain that registers fun is where creativity, innovation, and problem solving live. Have you ever gone for a walk and come up with a solution or new perspective?

Think about how you show up for your team or your family in burnout vs creativity.

The impact on them is real.

How about the ramifications on you when you’re sitting in frustration or resentment?

Fun isn’t frivolous or a waste of time. It’s medicine.

And my guess is you need more of it too.

When you get this I’ll be returning from a weekend visiting my daughters & going to Disneyland. You’d better believe I’m taking that 5 year old spirit with me to the park & I’m going to let her have fun!

We discuss this and more in my women's group, The G.C., where you can hear yourself & your experiences in other women's stories & KNOW you're not alone...or a weirdo...or an outlier.


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