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How Do You Feel When You Catch Your Thoughts?

How you feel comes directly from what you’re thinking.

So, if the tape in your brain is playing on repeat with things like…

OMG that was such a stupid thing to say! Why did I say that?! Now they’re going to think I’m a total effing moron. Or…

Don’t complain about too much work, nobody cares & it might seem like you can’t hack it. Just suck it up. Or…

That idea is crap. Do NOT bring it up, they’ll figure out that you don’t know what you’re doing!

How do you FEEL when you think these kinds of thoughts?

I’d bet money that you don’t feel inspired or good about yourself!! You probably feel like crap!

And then what happens? What do you do when you’re in full-on beating yourself up mode?

Do you try to avoid the feelings?

99.999% of us do!

What does that look like for you? Is it multiple trips to the vending machine for something sweet or crunchy? Draining a bottle of wine at night?

Diving head first into the mint chocolate chip? Binging Netflix?

Feeling too exhausted to go to the gym or meet up with friends after work like you keep saying you want to?

No one teaches us how to manage our thoughts. Hell, most people don’t even know it’s possible.

And because no one likes to feel lousy we try to avoid feelings by numbing out with things like alcohol, food, TV, shopping, etc. But, by avoiding, we’ve done nothing about the thoughts that created the feeling in the first place.

AND what we do to numb can lead to being hypercritical about our bodies or how lazy or inept we are which leads us straight back into the bourbon bottle or ice cream bowl. It’s one giant vicious cycle.

Simply put, you feel like crap because you’re beating yourself up. So what you say to yourself absolutely matters!

When do you feel lousy?

What makes you want to crawl under a blanket & binge netflix?

When you feel that way, listen to the tape that’s playing on autopilot in your mind.

Start there.

Becoming aware of your thoughts is half the battle.

If you KNOW this cycle & you want tactical ways to get out of it, you have to join me at “Drop the Dread: Embrace Your Reflection in the Mirror” on Saturday July 16.

We’ll work on recognizing the brutal way we talk to ourselves. For most people the tape has been playing for so long they don’t even hear it anymore.

But, your body knows and reacts with big negative feelings. Let’s uncover & shift those.

Later in the day stylist Sarah Liller will walk you through styles that flatter your frame so the critic will have less to criticize.

We’ve purposely kept the group small so everyone gets personalized attention especially from Sarah. Don’t wait, this will sell out AND early bird pricing ends on July 9.


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