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How Changing the Way You Think and Talk to Yourself Will Transform Your Self-Perception

Who IS this girl?

I’ve been wondering that ever since I found the photo.

I must’ve been about 12. I have no memory of the moment or of ever seeing the picture before.

But, I’m kind of in love with her.

I know that sounds weird, I’m talking about a picture of myself.

But, when I look at her big hopeful smile I can’t help but feel affection for her like I do for my kids.

And I want to swoop her up in a hug and point out all of the amazing things about her to her. I want to convince her to LOVE herself because I know the brutal inner critic that is brewing in her.

I wish I had known then that all the thoughts I had about how I was damaged & not good enough because my Dad was a drunk and my brother got arrested were just that -thoughts- it didn’t make them true.

Their stories didn’t need to mean anything about me.

I want that for you too, whatever your story may be.

To see yourself differently and change the way you think about & talk to yourself. It’ll start to shift your entire relationship with yourself.

What would that do for your life today?

Where are you holding back because you still believe you’re too much? Or too stupid? Or afraid to speak up and maybe cause conflict?

Would you tell your daughter or niece to hold her tongue because she doesn’t deserve whatever she’s going after?

Hell no!

I’m inviting you to take a step back from how you’re used to talking to yourself & try shifting to how you’d talk to someone you LOVE.

I know it’s challenging. The way we talk to ourselves has built up over decades.

So, here’s a hack…It’s so much easier to find some self-compassion when you look at a younger version of yourself than in the mirror. So find a photo & put it out somewhere that you will see it often.

When you find you’re down a rabbit hole of negative thinking (you’ll know because it makes you feel like crap!) look at her.

Really look at your younger self and see if you want to say all the shitty things you say to yourself. Do you want to verbalize them out loud to that innocent face?

The relationship we have with ourselves, the way we FEEL about ourselves, is all based on our internal dialogue.

Isn’t it time for a change?

Not sure how to start?

It can be tricky to find the thoughts on your own. Let me help you uncover the places where you may need to reframe how you’re thinking so you can start taking the action you want.


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