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Here’s Why “No Pain, No Gain” Is a Load of Crap

No pain, no gain.

What a load of crap, amiright?

Most exercise gurus don’t ascribe to this theory anymore.

Yet the phrase lives on and so does the undercurrent that you have to work hard to get what you want.

Stress and busy are the norm in our culture.

Ask someone how they are and most times they’ll say fine. The next most common answer or second thing out of the fine person’s mouth is busy.

Brene Brown says we wear busy like a badge of honor.

There’s a hint of pride in it.

We’re busy therefore we’re important.

What does busy feel like?


Too much to do, too little time.


Full plate.


Do you actually WANT to be busy?

You may not think there’s another way to be but, I promise you there is.

Busy is just a thought.

You’re going to want to pull out your calendar and prove me wrong, "Look at all these appointments, meetings, & things I have to do."

No doubt, you’ve got commitments but they’re not what’s making you feel stressed. Stress is coming from what you’re telling yourself about the calendar and to-do list.

You have to do all the things.

You can’t say no because…someone will be disappointed? So you overbook yourself.

This is an invitation to look at your life with fresh eyes…

How is repeatedly telling yourself you're busy serving you?

Where are you losing precious time stressing?

Where would saying no give you some much needed space?

Could you use some boundaries or better planning?

Why are you avoiding these ^^?

Busy isn’t quantifiable.

It’s not a fact.

It isn’t something 12 people on a jury would agree on.

It’s a thought.

One that is leading you to feel like crap.

No pain, no gain is a lie.

You don’t have to keep feeling crappy.

I can help.

This month in The GC we’re breaking up with busy so come join us!


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