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Get To Know Your Inner Critic & Overcoming the Chatter

What does it sound like in your head when you make a mistake?

Is it something like…

Idiot! How could I have been so stupid?! Or

Of course I…

Dropped the ball.

Effed up (again!).

Said that.

Didn’t say that.

^^All of this chatter is your inner critic.

& it’s getting in your damn way!!!

How likely are you to finish your dating profile when the voice in your head is criticizing all the details that you wrote AND how you look in your profile pic?

What are the chances that you’ll ask for an opportunity at work when the inner critic is raging about your lame ideas??!!

Where will you find the courage to say no to your mother-in-law when she informs you that they’re coming to visit without asking you if the dates are convenient-which they’re not-if the voice in your head is hammering you about how you can’t upset her.

Instead, can you imagine…making a mistake & just LETTING IT GO.

Getting the new opportunity at work because you found the courage to ASK for it.

Telling your MIL when she can visit & not letting her reaction deter or upset you.

Having some fun interactions because you actually posted your profile??!!

It’s 100% possible & I can show you how.

My client Valerie spontaneously said in a session this week that she “deserved a response” from a guy she was dating who’d ghosted her.

Hell yes she did!

That’s one of the first, CLEAR declarations of her value that she’s owned. I’d wager it’s the first of many to come the way she’s integrating the work we’re doing together.

This is possible for you too.

Whether it’s a hard conversation, stepping up, not beating the crap out of yourself for every little thing, setting boundaries…it’s all possible.

We just need to get the inner critic to step aside. I can help.

Go here to set up a complimentary consultation. Let’s get to know your critic a little more intimately & then strategize on how to move through it.


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