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Get Reconnected With Yourself and Others and Get the Support You Need to Flourish

Do you know that feeling when you walk in a room & can’t remember why you came in?! Or you checked to see if you sent the email three times & every time the result was the same-you did! And yet 30 minutes later you aren’t sure so you check again? Are you finding it hard to concentrate these days? My client Peggy put parmesan cheese in her coffee. True story. She meant to put it in her soup, but her mind was a world away from her kitchen. She’s not alone. Let’s be honest being distracted & overloaded is not a new state for most women. We typically have too many plates in the air. But, add in the collective grief, loss, & worry over the last year & it’s is a double whammy-maybe more like a quadruple whammy just given the enormity of what’s happened in the world & within families & friendships. Maybe you’re not sleeping well or battling brain fog. Maybe that’s making you short with your people. Maybe everyone & everything is getting on you last nerve-including YOU! And that’s causing you to withdraw or avoid because you just don’t have the energy to deal with people. And if you’re not personally impacted by the virus or hardship you might be beating yourself up for how you feel. As if you don’t have the “right” to feel how you do. Which is total BS. Beating yourself up is NEVER the answer! Where has it gotten you in the past? So, what IS the answer?

Connection. Honesty. Being real with ourselves & others we trust.

Being seen & heard-knowing you matter. Having a place to get back in sync with you. Re-connected. With women who will be cheering for you. If that sounds impossible, I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of past hurt & experiences. But, being surrounded by authentic women who GET you & what you’re experiencing… Women who can mirror back how you’re feeling, because they feel it too… Knowing your NOT alone & learning to trust their support is life changing. I’ve personally experienced it. And I’ve created women’s groups & retreats where I’ve watched it happen every single time. It’s always magical. We need this now more than ever. That’s why I’ve created The GC. The GC is a soft place to land with tons of support from me & the women inside. It’s a place to learn tools & techniques so you stop taking everything out on yourself & stay connected to you despite what’s going on in your world or the world. AND when life gets hard we’ve got you. ️ The GC is a brand new beta program & you would be my founding members showing me what you need right now to navigate this new landscape. In turn, I’ll create curriculum based on your feedback. Let’s build this together! The GC is for you if:

  • You crave connection, but are hesitant or don’t know where to find it.

  • You’re sick of being distracted or trudging through your days.

  • You know you want something more or different but have no idea what that is.

  • What you’re doing isn’t working & you’re ready for change.

The GC a three month group program for:

Growth & connection

Girlfriends & collaboration Where you can gain confidence & get coached by me to help you see where you’re getting in your own way & how to shift.

Let’s do this! Go here for the details or to join the waiting list I can’t wait to see inside The GC!


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