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Finding Relief When Things Feel Hard

I’ve noticed that people are hitting a wall - totally exhausted from fear, juggling ZOOM everything, & NOT being able to BE with the people we love.

We women bear the brunt of family responsibilities under normal circumstances… Now it’s getting worse - and the direct impact on women is real-they’re feeling the stress of ALL THE THINGS without outside help. Everything feels IMPOSSIBLE. Does this sound like you? You crave quiet. Calm. You just want to feel balanced & centered. You wish you could put down all that’s swirling in your head. Things are so difficult for so many people that I’m compelled to reach out. If you’re looking for Relief RIGHT NOW, keep reading - I’m offering a one-time coaching session: it’s a judgement-free zone where you learn how to get out of the spin & stay out. And what happens in our sessions remains 100% private.

You walk away with tools & a plan...

PLUS we meet two weeks later to check in & tweak your plan. These Relief RIGHT NOW sessions are $125-which is a steal. Schedule yours here: If this doesn’t sound like you, high five sister for giving yourself what you need & not falling into the trap of overwhelm!! But I’ll bet you know someone who’s struggling. Will you pass on the opportunity for a Relief session to that friend? My mission is to help as many women as possible get out from under the stress & exhaustion.

P.S. If you don’t think this is for you or you’re questioning spending $125 on yourself right now, ask yourself what are you doing to feel better? Binging on Netflix? Wine? Spending too much at Amazon or Target? Instead of looking for those little hits of dopamine to feel better, let’s get you REALLY feeling better...longer term. Go here:


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