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Embracing Your Body This Summer

It’s summer & that means sleeveless tops, shorts, & swimsuit season.

How do you feel when you think about it? 🥴

Great? Great!

But, if you’re like a vast majority of women, the idea of dawning these items or god forbid having to try them on in a dressing room brings up all kinds of choice words for ourselves. 🙄

I could share the kinds of things I or my clients have said to themselves, but you know how you talk to yourself. And I don’t want to introduce any language to your inner critic that’s potentially more harsh than what you already say!

I can remind you of how it makes you feel…






Sound familiar?

The way you talk to yourself leads to these feelings.

Words matter.

And I GUARANTEE you that berating yourself never leads you to feeling good.

It’s time to make friends with your body exactly as it is.

I know you don’t believe me.

I know you don’t think it’s possible.

But, it is.

And I can help you.

Join me in The GC this month where I’ll be teaching ways to learn to love or maybe even just like your body a little more.

Think of what a BIG difference a LITTLE shift in how you talk to yourself could make.

How do you want to experience this summer, berating and beating yourself up?

Or maybe just being a little bit kinder?

Join me LIVE inside The GC tomorrow 7/12 at 5:15PM (PST) for “How to love your body…or at least be a little kinder”. All calls are recorded - don't worry if you can't make it!

I’ll teach you tools that you can put into practice right away that will make this summer a different experience.


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