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Eating to Avoid

Bev has self-sabotaged for years. The fear that the people in her life would criticize her was around every corner. So she used alcohol and food to soothe herself.

A lifetime of experiences solidified in her mind that she wasn't good enough.

So many women can relate, we feel like we don’t measure up or we aren’t worthy. And like Bev, many of us will use food, alcohol, shopping, binge watching or other means to check out when these feelings come up.

But here is what is interesting...we decide how we feel about ourselves based on the opinions and actions of others. People we respect and people we DON’T.

It’s not a conscious choice and it starts when we are too young to question it. 

We make promises to ourselves, set intentions and then the unconscious beliefs take us right back to feeling lousy and not showing up in the way that we want to.

I really want you to think about this...

The decision about how we feel about ourselves is based on other people’s opinions. That doesn’t make it true. 

When I asked Bev what it was costing her to self-sabotage, she said loving herself. *Bingo*

The next time that old familiar feeling of not good enough rises up I encourage you to think about the unconscious beliefs behind it. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Your brain will want to find all kinds of evidence to prove your original belief. Don’t fall for it, keep questioning.  


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