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DO More to Feel Better

Rose couldn’t relax this weekend because she needed to clean out her bathroom cabinet.

You might be what world is a cluttered cabinet an emergency that HAS TO get done today?!

Or maybe you’re a Rose who can’t have a minute of downtime when there is a project nagging at you…🙋‍♀️

Or ever without feeling guilty.

So while you really want to read your book, you stop to send one quick email & notice a performance review you forgot to finish…

& 2 hours later it’s past the 11:00 bedtime you’d promised yourself. Damn.

You think if you can just get through your list THEN you can relax

But here’s the truth: There’s always more to do

It’s like put the last stack of clean clothes away & feel the relief that it’s done

& then drop your dirty clothes in the hamper that night & it starts all over again.

There’s no point in hustling to get it all’s never all done...what’s left on the list can just move over to another day.

We’ve got it backwards by thinking doing more & “finishing” leads to relief.

Feeling like you have to get it all done & proving you’re capable of handling it all usually comes at the expense of what you need, like time for exercise, sleep, friends, fun etc.

Relief actually comes from letting go of trying to do it all.

It sounds counterintuitive, right?

But, imagine your car is at 100,000 miles & you never do any maintenance. It could be sputtering along leaking gas & oil as you floor it trying to get it to go faster. It’s shaking & bumping because the balance is off.

Just like you.

So many women I work with say they want more balance, but continually add to the “do” side of the equation. That doesn’t create balance- it creates frustration & overwhelm

We all know that feeling & it’s miserable.

There’s freedom in realizing that tasks are like the laundry cycle-when one is done another pops up

Knowing you CAN’T get everything done allows you to stop trying to do the impossible.

Letting go isn’t easy after running on years of do, do, do

The inner critic- the mean voice that tells you how lazy you are when you take a nap-may go berserk if you try to make these changes. But, you get to choose whether to listen or not.

Let me help you manage that little bugger & find some peace for yourself.

Grab my gift: 3 Steps to Go From Overwhelm to Ease here

I’ve created the simplest steps possible that will make the biggest impact because I know you have a lot going on. You DON’T need a big complicated program.

3 TINY microsteps. You can consume the whole program in about 20 minutes.

What have you got to lose?


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