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Conquering Us vs. Them Thinking and Connect With Others Without Fear of Judgement

It’s impossible not to notice the growing sense of “us vs them” in our culture.

Being labeled as a “them” marks you as different, an outsider…& on the whole we humans don’t like to be on the outside. It goes back to our prehistoric days when being part of the tribe was vital for survival.

In short, “us vs. them” = a conflict, right?

And if you’re like most of my clients you don’t like conflict -

Even something as simple as…

Speaking up at work or in their relationships under normal circumstances. And if you’re like most of my clients you don’t like conflict.

So where does that leave you now in these times of us vs them?

Probably biting your tongue more.

Maybe rehearsing what you’re going to say over & over trying to avoid upsetting someone.

Possibly ruminating or fantasizing about the consequences of speaking up.

But, speaking up feels even harder now because of the increased fears of being on the receiving end of heated opinions.

It may make you want to withdraw & protect yourself.

But, that is the opposite of what you need.

Dr. Brene Brown’s research tells us that we are wired for connection.

So while you crave connection, you have no idea where to find it-especially now.

I have a solution.

I’m creating a safe space where women can open up & connect without fear of judgement or gossip.

This isn’t an “us” or a “them” space-it’s a human space….where political discussions are left at the door & we show up as our utterly imperfect selves. in a space where you, your experience, & your voice matter.

Imagine having a place where you could put it all down & be the real you.

That’s what I’m creating inside The GC.

Feel free to hit reply with any questions.

I’d love to have you in The GC.




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