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Comfort Zone BS!

I tried my first spin class this week and I liked it so much, I went back again! 

I have been thinking of trying spin for years, but, for some reason I was intimidated. I’ve done all kinds of classes in the past: aerobics, step, and kick boxing. But, I couldn’t get myself to go to spin. I was afraid of the sign up process, of not getting  bike, of not knowing what the heck I’m doing, and of it kicking my a$$!

All of those were just BS excuses to keep me from trying something new. 

So I went. And the most amazing thing happened. There was a friendly woman who when she heard it was my first time she set up my bike and encouraged me through the whole class. It was so fun.

And despite my repertoire of classes above, I don’t go to the gym regularly so this class challenged me.

The instructor was talking about getting out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves. I certainly did that! But, what really got my attention was what he said next…”When you get out of your comfort zone you don’t have to stay there, you can just step out and try”.

Doesn’t that make getting out of our comfort zones seem less intimidating? 

You can step back in if you need to.

But, I suspect that if we set aside our fear long enough to step out that we won’t step back least not fully. Some part of us will be changed for the better.

So, what are you avoiding? What have you wanted to do or try but your fear is getting the best of you? In the past decade I became a certified coach, quit my 20+ year professional career, started a business, and have gotten really vulnerable with myself, the women I coach, with you and all over social media. I have stepped well outside of old comfort zones and plan on continuing. So, I know how scary it is and I’d love to hear what is holding you back.


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