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Choosing an Authentic Life Over False Pleasure

Ever found yourself head first into a pint of Haagen Dazs not really knowing how you got there?

I have sort of “snapped to” standing in front of the cabinet that (used to) hold the chips in my house. It’s usually when I’m avoiding a project or I’ve had a challenging interaction with someone.

I move on autopilot into the kitchen & open the cupboard door.

What gives?!

Eating is an escape from doing the hard thing or facing conflict.

Food is like a buffer between us & the negative emotions that we do NOT want to feel.

Eating produces a dopamine hit, it feels pleasurable, as opposed to the fear, disappointment, or anxiety that we’re trying to avoid. So we seek more of it & it becomes a vicious cycle.

But, food isn’t the only way to avoid the tough stuff.

Anything that produces dopamine is alluring to the brain particularly when we’re avoiding. And on and on…buffering to avoid stress, to not have the tough conversation, to not fully be in & experience our lives.

It’s distracting you from what really needs to be faced & it’s draining so much of your energy.

It’s like this…you tell yourself you’re not going to have as much to drink at the party as last time.

Buuuuuuut it helps you relax & socializing makes you anxious so before you know it you’re three glasses in & you do not have a good time.

The next day you have a little headache & YOU’RE BEATING YOURSELF UP because you let yourself down again.

And later that day you remember you said something “stupid” & you start beating yourself up again…and a glass of wine with dinner would be so nice to help you relax and stop thinking about it. But, you promised you wouldn’t so now you’re back & forth in your head.

^^THIS is an example of where the energy goes!!!

You can substitute any stressor or negative emotion for the party anxiety & switch out drinking for any of the other ways we buffer.

It’s a waste of your time, energy, & your precious headspace.

What would life be like if you went for an authentic life instead of false pleasure?

How much more joy, creativity, presence, connection, could that generate?

What could it do for your relationships and career???

The possibilities are HUGE.

And we’re working on it all month inside the GC.

Stop tolerating & start living on purpose.


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