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Are You Lying to Yourself?

“Lying is people pleasing and people pleasing is lying” Brooke Castillo Simply put, pleasing people is making someone else happy at your own expense. We do this because we want to be liked or accepted. Some primitive part of our brain believes it is necessary to fit in.

I hear from so many women that they want to speak up and share their real desires or opinions. But, there is a huge fear of upsetting or disappointing other people. 

Have you ever waited in a professional or social situation to “read the temperature of the room” before speaking? 

Is it hard for you to say no when someone asks you to volunteer, go to a baby shower, take on another project etc.-even if you don't want to?

Would you do just about anything to avoid conflict?

Are you biting your tongue and waiting because you don’t want to say anything “stupid”? 

If you get really honest, in these situations are you acting to be accepted or are you being true to who you are? If you’re doing anything other than being true to yourself that is lying to yourself.  

Think about this, let it percolate and then let me know where you are not being true to you.


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