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No IS a Complete Sentence

As women we find it so hard to say no.

According to Psychology Today, there is an undercurrent, a stereotype in our society that a woman’s role is to be the peacemaker, master negotiator, placater, office mom and smoother of all ripples of conflict at work and home.

No wonder. Saying no is the opposite of peacemaker and smoother of all ripples of conflict! Instead we feel conflicted inside.

I call BS on this! Women tend to have a more nurturing side, but to sacrifice our opinions, our voice, hell our sanity all in the name of keeping the peace is destructive. This has to stop.

No is a complete sentence.

You don’t have to give a litany of reasons why. We do that so people will understand why we are saying no and will hopefully still like us. BS! You are lovable even if you say no...maybe even more so because you are taking a stand for you.

No is a complete sentence.

Try it and then leave a comment or send me a message (info (at) jennifersherwood (dot) com) and tell me what is shifting or changing as you leave the stereotype behind.

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