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I was having some difficulty (ahem) in my nether region. Nothing major just some irritation, but I ignored it. And you know what happens when you leave something unchecked right?! I’m fine now that I took the time to investigate the problem and do something about it.

The experience got me thinking...what else am I ignoring? Tolerating? It is easy to brush off the little annoyances. But when ignored, little things can grow into something that really demands your attention or does harm.

This can apply to anything...the leaky toilet that is rotting the subfloor underneath, the pain that you keep hoping will go away, or the underlying resentment you are feeling toward your boss or significant other. It will keep building until you take action and DO something about it.

So, I wonder what are you putting up with or trying not to think about? I promise if you address it head on it will be so much better than leaving it to fester while you pretend it isn’t happening.

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email (info (at) jennifersherwood (dot) com and let me know if this resonates with you. I'd love to hear.

And this wasn't actually TMI right? It's not like I attached pictures of my issue! ;)

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