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Not Humble?!

I was listening to a podcast when the host said that perfectionists are secretly not humble. What the what?!

If you've been around here for a minute you know that I consider myself a "recovering" perfectionist. I also really value the quality of humility. So, I was a little indignant.

I'm glad I decided to listen with an open mind rather than turn the podcast off in an offended huff. I've worked with clients on comparison, I teach about it in workshops and in my private Facebook group, but hearing it referred to as not humble really struck a chord with me. Trying to be perfect requires comparison and judgement about whether you're doing it "right" or better. Not measuring up can lead to a rabbit hole of feeling less than. Or the perfectionist compares herself and feels like she's done better, leading to a sense of superiority-which is not humble. Comparison will never make you feel better. Period. You can't build a solid foundation of self-love, which is what is so desperately needed, by tearing someone else down. So, does this strike a chord with you too?

Can you see where you are perhaps secretly not humble? I'd love to hear, share in the comments. Becoming aware of this tendency is the first step in shifting it.

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