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A Hot Damn!

I love me a “hot damn” moment.

In my book, that is when a client hits on a big a-ha, stands up for themselves or faces something they’ve been avoiding. I love to call it out and celebrate with her.

Maggie had a hot damn recently. She said to me in a coaching session, “I just realized that there is no amount of bending myself into a pretzel or trying to control everything I say and do that will make people like me”.

I was jumping up and down, hooting and hollering for her!

That was a hot damn.

She realized the truth, actually she felt it like electricity through her body:

No matter what you do, people will have their own feelings and opinions. You can carefully script what you are going to say, play the role, be attentive, over give, try to prove yourself and people will still think and feel how they want.

For Maggie, this hot damn equaled freedom. She was done. From that moment on she decided to just be herself.


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