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Sometimes You Just Need the Chair Raised

I had a dental procedure last week that went on much longer than it should have. I had the lip stretcher in my mouth for 45 minutes. I know that discomfort comes with the territory and I was willing to accept that. But, I could tell from the hygienist’s frustration level, the procedure wasn’t going well and didn’t normally take so long. I’m honestly not on a rant...stick with me.

At about 20 minutes in my head started to ache from the angle I was laying. In the past I wouldn’t have said anything, I didn’t want to be a bother. I’ll admit that my first reaction was to keep quiet. Then I thought about having a headache all afternoon when I could easily ask to be raised up a bit. So I did. About 10 minutes after that, the hygienist didn’t notice that she’d pinched my lip. I motioned and asked her to fix it, which she did. The hygienist patted my shoulder and said I’m so glad you speak up. That was it. The world didn’t stop and I didn’t feel like a diva. How many years did I suffer with discomfort or unease because I didn’t want someone to think I was a pain?! Does keeping quiet sound familiar? Where does it get you? Stuck in discomfort and worried about what someone else is thinking of you. It’s not worth it. Advocating for yourself doesn’t have to be a huge proclamation. Sometimes you just need the dental chair raised up.

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