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Did We See the Same Thing??

Have you ever been with someone with the same things going on around you, yet when you talk about it later the experience was very different for each of you? How many of us have compared stories with our siblings only to find

out that they didn’t feel the same way about an incident or event that we did at all?!

The way we perceive people really affects how we interact with the world. It can be positive or it can be the opposite which might show up as comparison, making people less than in our minds or trying to feel better by judging others. Experience creates our world view and our world view has so much to do with our happiness. If you are feeling depleted, tired, or overwhelmed, you are not creating room to care for yourself. It has to do with perceptions.

Nothing in your world has to actually change, you could just change the filter through which you view it and you could feel better...or worse based on how you shift your view.

I used to view the world through the lens of a martyr. I would tell myself what I had to do, no one else could take care of it and everything was my responsibility. I had some strong beliefs about what it meant to be a woman, a wife and a mother juggling a career.

Thankfully I had a coach who gently pointed it out and I was willing to listen. When I noticed it coming up, I shifted away from that overwhelming sense of obligation and began to see that not everything was on my shoulders. I am much happier when I’m not carrying the metaphoric weight of the world.

So, where could you use a lens change? I’d start with examining what you’re telling yourself when you feel depleted and overwhelmed. Not to criticize or berate yourself but to get curious and then see what you might be able to shift. I know it was a game changer for me and I’ve seen the difference in the women I work with.

Share in the comments what you are going to shift. I’d love to hear.


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