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It Would've Been So Easy to Say No

It would have been so easy to say “no.”

I wanted to go but a part of me said “not you”. I had spent a lifetime telling myself a story that I have a hard time opening up, I’m socially awkward and that connecting with other women took a lot out of me.

But the thought of going to a retreat in Mexico had me both excited and terrified. The idea of time to myself, with other women (which I’d been craving) and focusing on me for once was lighting me up. And then the fear of time with other women and what that might look like held me firmly in place.

Actual photo of me on retreat :)

Can you relate? Eventually the excitement won out and I’m so glad it did. I arrived jet lagged with the old stories swirling in the back of my mind. But, I chose to put the stories aside and really show up at that retreat.

By the time I arrived home I was full, happy with a wide open heart, a new circle of friends and a different view of me. The process of shifting from a protected person with a head full of stories to heart splayed out vulnerability that weekend was a series of choices that I made over and over again to stay open and ignore my stories. The more I did that, the more I connected with women and the more I could disprove my old beliefs. This is the opposite of a vicious cycle.

My experience inspired me to build processes that allow women (just like me -shy, awkward, and scarred from mean girls in our past) to open their hearts, see the other women without old stories getting in the way and receive connection, support and love. This paves the way for women to see themselves and their value differently. There is a new confidence that they will be ok no matter what life throws at them. And trust that they have a place to reach out for help when they need it.

Typically I do this in an in person retreat setting, but when someone shared with me recently that she dreams of one day attending my retreats… when her kids are older… I realized I needed to create an option for women who can only make space for a single day. And with that, the Soul Spa Virtual Retreat was born. Imagine experiencing what I did in Mexico without having to travel, heck without even having to leave your own home! Go here for the details and see if that pull, that desire for connection to yourself and to others has found a place to flourish. I would LOVE to have you join. If you have questions or you're feeling the pull to participate but the "not you" voice is in your head like it was mine, let's chat. You can go here to set up a quick call with me. I'd be honored to spend a little time with you whether you decide to participate or not. I can't wait to be in circle with you! P.S. The early bird discount expires 4/12 so don't wait! Go here to register

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