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Staying Positive in the Face of Adversity

I live in Northern California. Currently there are 15 wildfires burning in the wine country, about an hour and a half from here. I spoke with a friend today and when I asked how she was doing said that she was great, but felt weird saying that given all that was going on.

It has been a rough few months. There have been 5 category 3 or stronger hurricanes this season and their aftermath will be felt for a very long time. There were two massive earthquakes in Mexico, our neighbor. Wildfires burned thousands of acres in Oregon. The shooting in Las Vegas is unspeakable, that kind of tragedy makes absolutely no sense. Tensions with North Korea continue and the political climate in the U.S., well frankly I have no words to describe that. I’m certain there are global stories I’ve missed and untold experiences of loss and despair that will never make it to the local or national news. That is our world.

But, going back to my friend. Her response really got me thinking. What if we each dim our light a little because terrible things are happening? What if my friend hadn’t shared her joy and how she is being of service in her business to some mamas who really need the support? What if she chose not to show up for them because of her sadness? How would it serve anyone impacted by tragedy to have the rest of us not put our best selves into the world to not enjoy our lives, our families, the sunshine? It will not lessen their pain if the rest of the world falls into despair.

There have been reports of beautiful souls springing into action, volunteering, neighbors helping neighbors and real genuine gratitude from those who are helping and those who have received help. From far away people are donating supplies, money, blood and continuing to live their lives and shine their light in the world. What I know for sure is that in times of trouble we need light, we need laughter and we need companionship.

Do what you can friends, but whatever you do, don’t dim your light.

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