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True Confession Tuesday

It's true confession Tuesday:

I used to feel guilty all the time. It wasn’t uncommon for me to start a sentence with “I feel bad or I feel guilty…” when in reality I had nothing to feel guilty or bad about. I am a people pleaser (actually, recovering people pleaser). I didn’t like to say no, I don’t like it when people don’t like me or are upset with me. Having someone feel disappointed in me or be upset with me could really trigger a shame cycle and leave me questioning what I’d done wrong or what IS wrong with me. Don’t misunderstand me, these days I still don’t want anyone to be upset with me or disappoint anyone, but it’s different now. I started tapping into what was important for me and discovered that saying yes to everything just to avoid disappointing someone-to the point of being overextended-wasn’t doing me any good. Quite the opposite was true, I was overwhelmed, overloaded and was operating out of obligation. It is not fun to live like that. It left me feeling resentful and not fully embracing the joy in my life. Fast forward a few years and I’ve taken a really honest look at my life and my patterns. I’m on to myself and my inner, perfectionist critic who would bend herself in a pretzel to please other people. I’ve learned that saying no to what doesn’t serve me did not result in me becoming a social pariah. In fact, I’ve had women share that it is inspirational to watch me hold my boundaries and stay true to myself. On this journey, I’ve also discovered that communication is key in ANY relationship; personal, romantic, business, or family. Nothing has had a bigger impact on my marriage that me discovering my own unexpressed expectations and how they were getting in the way of my relationship. Now, instead of thinking I know how things will go (ahem, my way) I check in with my husband, we talk about what’s coming up and what to expect, rather than just assuming and feeling disappointed. I also work really hard to keep myself grounded in facts and not spin out into my own interpretation of a situation. By the way, it took a big misunderstanding and argument for us to both recognize our part in expectations and start working toward a solution. It doesn’t have to come to that for you. I want to spare anymore women from laying awake at night worried about what stupid thing they did or said or who they upset. I want you to see where you are saying yes when you really mean no. I want to help you re-connect back into what you want and what you need so you can make decisions from a place of inner peace instead of obligation. What if you could:

  • Live more from the place of what you want to do rather than what you think you should do? Or what people expect of you?

  • Get out from under the weight of your to-do list?

How would it change things for you:

  • If you were able to say what you want to say without fear of what people will think?

  • If you could say no without feeling guilty?

There is no re-set button that will take us back and start all over. But, we can impact our own experience going forward. Imagine a re-boot and a re-connection to ourselves. Join me for Re-Boot 2017 and we will tackle these issues and much more. Re-Boot is a four week course done completely over the phone so you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. Can't make a class one week? No problem, all classes will be recorded and the link will be emailed to you after. Re-Boot 2017 Themes: 1. Operating from what you want to do vs what you should do 2. Getting out from under the weight of obligation and responsibility 3. Saying no without having to explain yourself in excruciating detail or feeling guilty. 4. Getting back in touch with you; your wants, needs, desires and inner wisdom 5. Being able to have difficult conversations.​​​

Each week, we will do a 60-minute call where we explore topics related to our themes. Calls will include journaling, exercises, dialogue, sharing and discussions in order to grow and support one another. There will also be worksheets and assignments to deepen the learning. All calls will take place on Tuesdays at noon pacific. I am offering Re-Boot this time at a low introductory rate. Four juicy content packed calls, tools you can implement right now, and support and connection to the other awesome women in this group all for $97. I believe in this work so much that if you attend all of the calls (live or recorded), do all of your assignments and in the end don't feel like you got your money's worth I will give you a full refund. That is how confident I am in the power of these tools to create real change. Re-Boot begins next week on 3/21 with the remaining calls on 3/28, 4/4 and 4/11.​

To sign up click here and scroll down to the "Buy Now" button.

Questions feel free to email me at info (at) jennifersherwood (dot) com Don't wait! We start next week!!

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