Superwoman: an urban legend created and perpetuated by the media that women are fit, stylish with perfect hair and have homes that look like they are straight out of House Beautiful. Superwoman cooks gourmet meals for lavish dinner parties, manages all the family schedules, has oodles of close girlfriends, never feels insecure, bakes cookies for fundraisers, has children who never leave their shoes in the hallway and her laundry is magically done and folded without effort. Superwoman has a demanding, prestigious, high paying corporate job, that she magically integrates in to the rest of the legend. Superwoman is an unrealistic ideal that can leave us regular gals feeling like crap. 


Badass: a woman who sets boundaries, knows that self-care isn't selfish, speaks her mind, values good communication, treats herself and others with respect. She values friendship and women who support each other and won't be party to gossip or bad mouthing other women. She owns her decisions and choices, doesn't blame others for where she is at in life and sees "failure" as an opportunity to grow. She is creative, resourceful and whole. She defines being a woman on her terms.

Ready to ditch the Superwoman myth and embrace your Inner Badass?

Deconstructing Superwoman

This three-month program is for you if you want to:

  • Stop spinning on the hamster wheel of responsibility

  • Identify where are you taking on too much and how that impacts you

  • Take the weight of creating a perfect life off of your shoulders and create your own definition of happiness in a way that is guilt-free

  • Embrace the lesson of the oxygen mask analogy; put your mask on first before helping anyone else. You will be no good to them if you run out of oxygen. 

  • See that making you a priority can be valuable to everyone around you.


In this three-month program you will receive:

  • A safe, confidential environment to explore truths that you might not want to share with your girlfriends

  • Six 50-minute sessions to be done by phone, from anywhere.

  • Email support in between sessions for questions, follow-ups, shout-outs or celebrations



Own Your Badass

This six-month program is for you if you want to:

  • Get out from under the weight of your to-do list and create more joy, freedom and a life that fills you up

  • Throw out the people-pleasing good-girl, and voice your opinions and ideas without apology

  • Make yourself a priority, with the deep understanding that taking care of you is ultimately good for everyone around you.

  • Understand and embrace the impact of communication and expectations on relationships

  • Stop living under someone else’s definition of being a woman and embrace your inner bad ass.

  • Envision, dream, and create your ideal life on your terms


This program gives you:

  • Six months of work together where we will uncover what is stealing your joy, where you are holding back and how to step in to your Badass.

  • Twelve 50-minute sessions to be done over the phone so you never have to leave your house or office and can be in your pjs if that is what your Badass wants

  • email support in between sessions for questions, follow-ups, shout-outs or celebrations

  • An environment without judgement where you can feel safe to explore truths that you might not want to share with your girlfriends

The Soul Spa Virtual Retreat

A Day to Completely Immerse in YOU

You are a busy woman. Everyone and everything in your life takes priority over you. And whatever crumbs are leftover at the end of the day, week or month is all you have for you.

You are kind, dependable, responsible, have a huge heart and you are drowning. You are giving everything away and have nothing for yourself. This isn't how you imagined it would be. 

Something has to change.

You don't have to abandon your family, sell all your worldly possessions and move to Bali to feel calmer.  

Instead sit in the circle with us, unplugged from the rest of the world for the day.

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"I ventured into coaching with Jennifer with an open mind and a little uncertainty about what to expect! I knew that I wanted a different perspective to break out of the thinking patterns that were holding me back. Her sessions provided explorations into the self-talk, drives and triggers that kept me in the same thinking patterns, while also suggesting methods to help me approach stressful situations differently. She offered exercises to help me tune into my core values and instincts and shift my focus onto positive, more empowered thinking. Her style put me at ease from the first meeting and I appreciate the way she incorporated my own values and faith into sessions that felt tailored just for me."

-Marlys, Oregon

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