Re-Boot 2018

The first few months of 2018 have flown by, can you even remember December 31st? I have been hearing from friends and clients a pervasive sense of stress and overwhelm. What I know after years of working with women is that a good deal of that feeling comes from operating out of obligation and not from what we want to do. We are buried under our to-do lists, doing what we think we should or what's expected of us. Most women have put other people's needs so far ahead of their own that they don't even know what they want anymore. 


That often shows up in us feeling sluggish or foggy or reacting way too quickly (and not in a good way); generally not operating or responding how we want. It got me thinking about our electronics. What's the first thing we do when our phones are overloaded or non-responsive? We power them down and allow the system to re-boot. What if we could do that with ourselves? What if we metaphorically shut down and learn tools to help bring us back to what we want, learn how to say no, hold boundaries and have difficult conversations? 


How would it change things for you were able to:

  • Live more from the place of what you want to do rather than what you think you should do? Or what people expect of you?

  • Tame your to-do list?


What if you could:

  • Say what you want to say without fear of what people will think?   

  • Hold boundaries without feeling guilty?

Join me for Re-Boot 2018 and we will tackle these issues and much more.


Re-Boot is an eight week course done over video so you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. It is like a virtual circle where you can see and interact with me and the other women-like you- who are ready for something different. Can't make a class one week? No problem, all classes will be recorded and the link will be emailed to you after.

Re-Boot 2018 Themes:

1. Operating from what you want to do vs what you should do 

2. Getting out from under the weight of obligation and responsibility  

3. Saying no without having to explain yourself in excruciating detail or feeling guilty.

4. Getting back in touch with you; your wants, needs, desires and inner wisdom

5. Being able to have difficult conversations.

We will come together every other week, for a 60-minute call where we explore topics related to our themes. Our meetings will include journaling, exercises, dialogue, sharing and discussions in order to grow and support one another. There will also be worksheets and assignments to deepen the learning.


The weeks in between calls allow time to implement and practice the lessons AND you can get support or encouragement during those weeks or anytime from me and the other Re-Booters in our private, closed Facebook group.

With Re-Boot 2018 you get four juicy, content packed calls, a private Facebook group, access to me for input and laser coaching on the calls, thru Facebook or email, connection to the other lovely ladies in this group, and some surprise bonuses all for $197.  

What previous Re-Booters had to say about the program:

"Jen is an awesome listener. She led us through the Re-Boot program step by step and gave us concrete tools that we could use in our daily life"  K.F.

"I really got a lot out of Re-Boot and even used some of the frameworks in a work situation. Specifically, I related to the notion of sets of rules we have written for others and how that plays into our emotional responses. I have tried to be more aware of how that impacts my personal relationships and find it helpful." D.T. 

Are you ready to dive in to Re-Boot?