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This virtual re-TREAT serves tired, overloaded women who want downtime without feeling guilty. 

Does this sound familiar?

So many women are just trying to keep it all together. Do you feel...

Pressured or overwhelmed because you have to be the perfect homeschool mom, make dinner every GD night, & do all the chores around the house?

Oh! And figure out how to do well at your job or business & oh have a partner that expects you to take care of him or her too.

Or maybe......when you’re just about to sit down, ready to work, someone bursts in needing help with homework, or a snack, or feedback on a project.


You don’t want to open the door to your home office because when you do your bored AF teenager has something to complain about or your partner suggests a quickie while everyone is occupied. Seriously?!


You’re off balance from working remotely and/or home schooling. You don't know how you’re supposed to make sure your kids get through school AND meet the demands from your boss or your business. 


You feel isolated or lonely even though you live with people. The conversations in your house circle between the state of the country, what homework assignment is due, & what to have for dinner AGAIN!! 


You miss actual conversations that don’t involve the same two people-or toddlers. You silently miss your commute because at least you could be ALONE.


When you open your computer there’s bad news, you look at social media-bad news, you turn on the TV-bad news. 


You’re exhausted & fearful! No matter where you look or listen it’s pretty dire! You’re holding your breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Imagine sleeping through the night without waking up at 2:47 am wondering whether we are going to have Thanksgiving this year.


What would it be like to look at your family & NOT seethe about what they aren’t doing?


How would it feel to say no without carrying guilt around all day or giving 87 reasons why you can’t?

What if you could make a decision without checking in with five friends and texting seven other people to be sure that you’re doing the right thing?

Start creating a life that you don’t need escape from, need a vacation from & STOP tolerating your life.

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Introducing, Exhale. The re-TREAT

October 10 9:00-3:00 (pacific)

Imagine how it would feel to immerse yourself in a full day of QUIET relaxation, inner peace, & connection with yourself & other women…without having to take care of anyone else!


Exhale Virtual Re-TREAT is a full day to breathe deeply, put your worries down, & come back to you…


From the comfort of your home - you will be able to ...


Create space to STOP holding your breath, so you can...


Let go of some of the fear, grief, & uncertainly that’s making you so exhausted & overwhelmed. 


Allow your shoulders to drop & stop carrying the weight of the world. 


Shift from what you’re tolerating in your life into what you want, what you love


Focus all of your attention on you & not what anyone else needs. 

Quiet the non-stop chatter in your mind so you can breathe & hear yourself think.

Registration is closed

The Exhale virtual re-TREAT is different from other retreats or getaways because:


You get to create the environment that feels comfortable & luxurious in your own space, from your own home


You’ll learn tools & strategies to generate those GOOD feelings that have eluded you for so long. 


You can get reconnected to YOU - without traveling, packing, or worrying about social distancing.


Exhale isn’t a band-aid fix. We won’t simply repeat positive affirmations & call it a day. You’ll learn clear, implementable tools that you can put into action right away. 


We will lean into the whys. 


Why we... 

Take on too much

Are sometimes short with our people

Look for other people’s approval instead of trusting ourselves

Feel resentful or irritable!

Have such a hard time saying no

Repeatedly put other people’s needs ahead of our own


AND we will do this together.

You’ll walk away with simple changes to easily implement without disrupting anyone else. The people you love will still be a central part of your life-you’ll simply learn how to deal with them and NOT lose yourself


One of my superpowers is creating spaces that feel safe & supportive. You’ll be surrounded by women who are ready to be open, vulnerable, & make real changes for themselves. 


They genuinely want to share, connect, & support each other. You’ll leave with new soul sister connections so that you can reach out to someone who gets you & is making similar changes in her life.

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By the end of the Exhale virtual retreat, you will…


Stop feeling crabby, barking at people, & then beating yourself for snapping. 


Discover small tweaks that’ll actually help you get sh*t done & let go of the mental energy drain.


Stop SHOULDING all over yourself!


Know when to say yes & when to say no.


Let go of worry even if that seems impossible now.


Recognize how to move through life with more ease and trust yourself. 


Unburden yourself and start to feel like YOU again

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Here’s what you will get at the Exhale virtual re-TREAT:


You’ll start your day with a quiet meditation. You’ll learn tools & exercises to help you make simple, impactful shifts.  


On the spot, real time coaching

You'll get 1:1 LIVE personalized coaching to help you overcome the places you’re stuck right then and there.



Laughter & fun is VITAL to create what you want for yourself. If we’re not having fun, it’s not going to work. 

You’ll come into a retreat that’s been designed as a relief for you & discover that you’re not alone. In every retreat & group I’ve ever run, the women there find it comical how long they’ve thought they were the only one who thought, felt, or treated themselves that way. And they quickly find out, they’re NOT. 

This retreat is not fluffy; you’ll do deep work & form strong bonds...& your life will be changed. 

You’ll also also laugh a lot because you’ll feel freer and accepted and be able to enjoy yourself. 


A wise friend once said "you can't be present & have to pee" true!

At Exhale, this is YOUR retreat. There will be potty breaks & a one-hour break mid-day for lunch or whatever YOU NEED. 

You can also step away from the computer anytime you need a break or to get a drink. It's YOUR day. 


A post retreat group follow-up call

Not only will you walk away from the retreat with action steps to take, but you’ll also get a follow-up group call where you can share, ask questions, & check in with each other.

Registration is closed

Are you ready to stop holding your breath, put down the worry & fears, and start living the way YOU want-without fear of judgement, without looking for other people’s approvals or doing what you think you SHOULD do?

Then join us at Exhale. 

You get an entire day focused on YOU & WHAT YOU NEED.

You will have the entire group supporting, honoring, & cheering for you as you move toward what you want. 

You will feel seen & heard

You will go back to your life feeling connected to a powerful group of women, to YOURSELF, & to the changes you've been DYING to make but had no idea how to do that! 

Exhale: re-TREAT
Creating Space to Stop Holding Your Breath


Saturday October 10 9:00 am-3:00 pm (pacific)


The entire Exhale experience & follow-up group call is $297 

Please ensure you are free on 10/10 before registering. The retreat will NOT be recorded & there are no refunds. 

Registration is closed

Jen Sherwood.jpg

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Exhale virtual retreat! 

Who is Jen Sherwood? 

I come from a long line of worriers. If this pandemic had happened 10 years ago things would look very different for me. I would be sitting in a pit of despair with no clue how to get out...

Heck I wouldn’t have even realized there was a different way of being!

I know now that part of my worry came from a general sense of not feeling good enough. I was worried about being judged, saying “something stupid”, being awkward, that I wasn’t a good mom, that I was going to EFF up my kids, or that someday after 27 years of being together that my husband would suddenly decide I really wasn’t as cool or fun as he thought & would leave. 

What a load of BS to carry around eh? 

My inner critic was on overdrive about my parenting, my career, my home, my body, my name it & I had something to criticize about myself. One day I got sick & tired of being sick & tired.        

Fast forward to today...I am a certified coach, speaker, blogger and retreat leader. I work with women who are overwhelmed, feel pulled between the demands of work and home, rarely make time for themselves and worry that this is as good as it gets. I help them move themselves up on the priority list so they can build a life they LOVE, not just tolerate.

Exhale: the re-TREAT is PERFECT for you if…

You’ve been feeling more pressure & anxiety during the pandemic.

It’s hard to make time for yourself-AND when you do your to-do list or guilt distracts you.

You frequently put aside what you are doing to deal with someone one else’s needs or requests.

The word “should” drives how you spend most of your time.

You are short with your people.

The day-to-day feels exhausting. 

What used to get you out of a funk isn’t working as well. 

You are tolerating more than you are enjoying.

Don’t let another day go by where you feel like you are just holding it together!

2020 feels like a time warp, it’s been 20 years since March. And that’s a long time to hold your breath. 

Come...sit...relax...connect...& remember WHO you are and what you LOVE at the Exhale virtual retreat.

You’ll see that showing up how you want to be with your people is a game changer.

You will ENJOY your life, not just tolerate it-even in a pandemic.

Say NO to things that you don’t actually want to do and watch how the rest of your life falls in line.

Allow the connection & support of the group to remind you that you ROCK & you have a sisterhood standing with you. 

woman sitting in the sun.jpg

You have questions, I have answers:

*Do I really need to spend money on this now?

Staying at home, not socializing like normal, & the pandemic itself have added an extra layer of fear and pressure to us. That is not changing anytime soon. Wouldn’t it be awesome to weather the rest of this storm from a place of confidence, joy, & not snapping at your people? The value of what you walk away with from this experience is priceless & may just save your relationships. Is that worth it to you?


*I don’t have time for this right now. 

If you struggle with finding the time for everything, when will you think you’re not too busy? AND most people are staying pretty close to home during the pandemic which means you probably have the time & NEED the work in Exhale more than ever. It’s ONE day that will benefit so many more days. 


*I’m not sure I’m at the right level for this. I’ve never done a retreat or coaching before. 

While my retreats aren’t fluffy, you don’t have to have any previous experience to benefit from the work. I won’t leave anyone behind. Remember one of my super powers is creating a safe space, so you can feel comfortable to say you don’t understand or ask for clarification. The women who come to my events are at all levels of experience. We learn from each other as well as the content I bring.

Join the Exhale Virtual Retreat today!

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