With Age Comes???

You’ve heard the old adage “with age comes wisdom” right? I had someone imply that the areas we address in coaching are things that people just figure out when they are older. As if by the time we reach 100 we magically discover that our thoughts are running the show, that we really are valuable, that we don’t have anything to prove and the cruel inner chatter just suddenly stops. It may be true that by the time we reach 100 we don’t care what people think anymore, that I can believe. But the rest of it, no way. I don’t know any centenarians, but I do know plenty of older women who struggle with feeling worthy, of not fitting in, of not believing in themselves and who are afraid to speak the

Comfort Zone BS!

I tried my first spin class this week and I liked it so much, I went back again! I have been thinking of trying spin for years, but, for some reason I was intimidated. I’ve done all kinds of classes in the past: aerobics, step, and kick boxing. But, I couldn’t get myself to go to spin. I was afraid of the sign up process, of not getting  bike, of not knowing what the heck I’m doing, and of it kicking my a$$! All of those were just BS excuses to keep me from trying something new. So I went. And the most amazing thing happened. There was a friendly woman who when she heard it was my first time she set up my bike and encouraged me through the whole class. It was so fun. And despite my repertoir

Energy Vampire

I’m an introverted, extrovert. Which means I can be really outgoing, but when it comes down to it I need alone time and quiet to recharge. True extroverts get energy from being with other people. Socializing can completely drain me. Today, in the middle of the afternoon as my energy was waning I had a video chat scheduled with a new woman I’d met at a conference. The combination of it being later in the day and socializing had the potential to tank my energy.  But, the complete opposite happened.  The conversation was easy. The woman is also a coach so we had that in common. We talked about our businesses and then about our kids and spouses. By the time we finished chatting I didn’t feel

What Are You Hiding?

Our brains want us to believe that what we see of other people’s lives on social media is their reality. They have it so much better than us. They didn’t step on cat barf this morning. They aren’t standing in front of the mirror berating the dimples on their thighs. They never fight with their spouse. They don’t have a parent that is who is ill or heading down the road of dementia. Their lives are perfect. And that just makes us feel even more lousy about our own situation. Intellectually we know it’s not real, but feeling less than often trumps intellect. So, I’m curious what if we all just got real? When I watched Brene Brown’s TED talk on “The Power of Vulnerability” I felt like she was s

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