Pam Slayed the Dragon

When Pam* and I started working together she was miserable at her job. She was putting in extra hours and taking her stress home. As we worked through the demands of her job, patterns started to emerge. Pam believed that her boss didn’t like her. So she would work late or take on extra projects to try and prove herself. When that didn’t work, the way she talked to herself was horrible. She would tell herself that her job was on the line, no matter what she did the boss would never like or appreciate her, this was as good as it gets for her and she was stuck. This is what the inner critic sounds like. It plays over and over in the back of our minds, so much so that most of us don’t even notic

Buried Under Feelings

Sometimes it seems like we can't get out from under our feelings. In my twenties my friend and I would reassure each other by saying that “feelings aren’t logical”. This was usually to excuse away some bad decision generally involving boys. But, as I’ve moved through this journey of self discovery I’ve learned that our feelings are a direct result of what we are thinking. I had to hear that several times before it started to sink in. You mean I’m not having a lousy day because that guy cut me off in traffic and flipped me the bird? It’s what I’m thinking about and continued to think about hours later?! Not convinced? Let’s try this: Two women each have $20,000 of debt. The first woman is dev

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