Sometimes You Just Need the Chair Raised

I had a dental procedure last week that went on much longer than it should have. I had the lip stretcher in my mouth for 45 minutes. I know that discomfort comes with the territory and I was willing to accept that. But, I could tell from the hygienist’s frustration level, the procedure wasn’t going well and didn’t normally take so long. I’m honestly not on a rant...stick with me. At about 20 minutes in my head started to ache from the angle I was laying. In the past I wouldn’t have said anything, I didn’t want to be a bother. I’ll admit that my first reaction was to keep quiet. Then I thought about having a headache all afternoon when I could easily ask to be raised up a bit. So I did. Ab

Did We See the Same Thing??

Have you ever been with someone with the same things going on around you, yet when you talk about it later the experience was very different for each of you? How many of us have compared stories with our siblings only to find out that they didn’t feel the same way about an incident or event that we did at all?! The way we perceive people really affects how we interact with the world. It can be positive or it can be the opposite which might show up as comparison, making people less than in our minds or trying to feel better by judging others. Experience creates our world view and our world view has so much to do with our happiness. If you are feeling depleted, tired, or overwhelmed, you are n

It Would've Been So Easy to Say No

It would have been so easy to say “no.” I wanted to go but a part of me said “not you”. I had spent a lifetime telling myself a story that I have a hard time opening up, I’m socially awkward and that connecting with other women took a lot out of me. But the thought of going to a retreat in Mexico had me both excited and terrified. The idea of time to myself, with other women (which I’d been craving) and focusing on me for once was lighting me up. And then the fear of time with other women and what that might look like held me firmly in place. Can you relate? Eventually the excitement won out and I’m so glad it did. I arrived jet lagged with the old stories swirling in the back of my mind.

It's Too Much

I have a friend who utters out loud “it’s too much” when she’s feeling overwhelmed. The look on her face shows it all, she is juggling work, kids, schedules, bills, piles of laundry and whatever other chaos is going on. I don’t know this for sure but I could venture an educated guess that her thoughts are swirling about how this is her responsibility to manage. She’s probably on an endless loop of ideas around what she wants her life to look like, what activities she wants for her kids and how it is up to her to make that happen. I hear from women all the time that managing the kids and household is solely or mostly on them. That doesn’t even touch work or extended family obligations. She ne

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