You Can't Simultaneously Be Mindful and Worried

A legacy of worry is what I come from and have written about before (to access that, click here). You can imagine then that as my oldest child approaches her high school graduation this month that fear, worry, sadness, uncertainty and joy have all been swirling around in my consciousness. When I wrote the legacy post, I had been on my self development journey for a while and had made remarkable strides in the worry department. I am happy to say it continues today. That doesn’t mean though that occasionally the thought of watching this chapter in my daughter’s life come to a close doesn’t make me want to dive head first into a bag of Doritos while numbing out with the TV, it does, but thankfu

From Planner to Control Freak

I was lucky enough to spend some time with my family in Disney World this month. My oldest daughter is a self-proclaimed “Disnerd”. It just happened that I was traveling to Orlando for the opening retreat of the Red Hot Visionista program that I co-lead the weekend before the Disnerd’s 18th birthday. We had some airline points to cover the flights, generally the stars aligned and this trip worked out. My daughter has been dreaming about this trip for years and had every day planned out down to the nth degree. She wanted to make sure that she rode every ride and saw every attraction that she wanted to while we were there. I don’t share this story to criticize my daughter in any way. I share t

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